Wednesday, 13 June 2007

A Veritable Specimen of the Human Species!

The silence of solitude broken by a ring,
protective shields fall away and yet cling on.
Instead of rejoicing in the free air,
there is the dank smell of fear and nerves.

There comes a time in each of our lives when we leave the home of our parents and venture out on our own; discover life, freedome, responsibility and joy of doing things for oneself.

But for every yin there is a yang. So while most people I know of my generation are self sufficient, cocky, arrogant 20 somethings (not at all a bad thing in my opinion!), here is a meek, towel wrapped overgrown baby venturing into the big bad world of business (I am making a very optimistic assumption that my new roomie makes it through the CAT).

After 10 days of complete solitude and having the room to myself, in walks this 21 year old girl with the gumption of a 0.2 year old kid. "First time out of home"!

It is abt 7 in the morning. I am still comfily tucked in bed, curled up with my little teddy, tossing n turning lazily. A corny tere liye ringtone shocks me out of the last traces of a pleasant dream. I frown and look for the source of the noise -

Daddy Dear Calling

Good Morning!
Brushed your teeth?
Had your biscuits?
Had a bathe?
Started studying?
Had Lunch?
Woke up after siesta?
Where are you?
Hows the evening going?
What's your roomie doing? Is she back? (thankfully this happens in one call and not two!)
Had dinner? Did your roomie eat?
Are you going to sleep? Good night then!

Morning Again!! (GROAN FROM THE NEXT BED!!!!)

The sister and Boyfriend also make all these calls. (Sigh! Can I kill Alexander Graham Bell? How nice the world was without cellphones!)

Little Things

A mundane trip to the chemist for a few necessities is a source of fear, nervousness and embarassment; a can ride alone to a new part of the city is unthinkable.

Where such people come from I wonder! Instead of enjoying the free air, there is the claustrophobia of nerves and fear!

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making sense of life said...

LOL ... my sympathies, and amusement too !! I so know the species. Like the use of freedom-claustrophobia