Tuesday, 30 March 2010


A conversation between two women. An unlikely conversation.
Two strangers, if people who have something intimate to share can be called strangers. So what if they've never met before.
Inspired in part by a painting by Kasturee Kailash and in part by my slightly morbid, over active imagination.

I am profoundly jealous of you.

And you, you have my disbelief... no not disbelief, incredulity might be a better word.

Why are you incredulous? We are not the same after all.

Maybe even incredulity isn't the right word to convey what I think about you.

You do know that I think you are a fool to have let go of what I desperately crave. I am also thankful that you did. But still...

That is why I am... curious, yes that's more appropriate, curious. Curious to know why you crave it so much.

And I, I have a morbid curiousity to know why you let go of it.

Maybe, maybe we see the same thing but want different things.

Or maybe we want the same thing and see different things... like two people standing on either side of a wall with different wallpapers on both sides.

I wonder which one is real then.

Both. None. I'd probably plump for none. 

We won't ever know which one it was will we?

If there is such a thing as heaven or utopia and all of us reach it, we might.

Till then?

Till then you and I will sit like this. Staring at our portions of the sea, each seeing a different view.


Spacegirl said...

how coincidental! just about describes a conversation i had recently..
nice place u have here by the way... will b back for more

Unknown said...

@Spacegirl Thanks :) Always nice to hear from people :)