Sunday, 25 April 2010

Chocolate vs. Men

Chocolates ... I know very few women who don't like them. And for good reason are there so few who do not like chocolates. Chocolates score over men in almost everything given that they produce the same hormonal effect. Here's a shortlist:

  1. They do not have issues - commitment issues, independence issues, alcohol issues and many others.
  2. Easy decision tree. They just want to be eaten.
  3. The only "space" they need is in your mouth and stomach!
  4. They smell nicer and definitely not of sweat.
  5. They don't argue about growing beards and mustaches that poke.
  6. They taste infinitely better
  7. They are low maintenance.
There you go. A reason for each day of the week to like chocolates.

This post is dedicated to women like Curry who absolutely love chocolate :D

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