Sunday, 1 January 2012

Leaving the City of Dreams - Year End Nostalgia 3

Yes yes, it's already the new year. However, I am going to finish this last post about the year that was.

After three and a half years, I left the city of Mumbai to go to Chennai. When I made the decision to leave, some six months previously, I was tired. Tired of running around, tired of doing everything myself, tired of not being able to do everything the way I wanted to, with the ease and comfort with which I wanted to do them. Two months after moving out, while I cherish the easy pace of life, the good food and the not having to constantly run around, I miss Mumbai. I miss Mumbai terribly. I miss the sense of life and liveliness that the city gave me, the sense of me, the freedom to get out at any time. I miss my friends, the brunches, the teas, the conversations, the roaming. The feeling that one always had time because you could get out even at One A.M.

These are the things I miss about that city. The city not just of dreams but a city brimming with life; a city that does not know the meaning of lethargy. I will enjoy the peace, ease and laze of Chennai but I hope to go back soon!

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