Saturday, 28 April 2012

To think or not to think

We live in age of self-reflection, analysing every aspect of our work, micro-commentating on our own lives online, reading articles urging us to ponder what makes us happy. Much of this may be worthwhile, but we also need to put thinking in its place. Djokovic’s return was both the culmination of his life’s effort and an expression of careless joy. It kinda worked. 

We are often told not to be worry warts - and for good reason too. As this article from Intelligent Life magazine points out, thinking or rather over thinking hampers the decision making power of the brain. David Eagelman also makes a case of intuitive decision making, based on prior learning or experience.

It is perhaps, then not a surprise that hyper connectivity, the constant need or pressure to articulate with language what may be going on in our minds is leading to an increasingly cynical and pessimistic generation. A generation that finds it difficult to simply "be". As we become slaves to logic, we are losing touch with a much more important tool to living - our emotions and intuition - that take thought leaps based on information that we already know. 


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