Sunday, 13 January 2013

Walking on broken glass

The view outside my window
I stood at the window, staring
Strains of music wafted into my ears from the distance
Suddenly I just had to do it.
So I did.
I dropped the glass
It shattered with the tinkle of a million bells
Pleasant, unlike the clang of metal
And I put my bare feet on it.
An instant of pleasure followed by the prick of many needles.
Breaking rules is like walking on broken glass.

P.S: the title to this post is borrowed from Annie Lennox's song of the same name.


Vikram The Prodigal said...

Fascinating! You really did that? Comes across as....eccentric!

Nithya Ravi said...

Nope I didn't. It's called metaphor ;)

Nithya Ravi said...
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