Friday, 11 April 2014

Shaadi Ke Effects

Effect Pehle... Side Effects Baad Mein ;)

Silly, Cheesy joke but I couldn't resist that one. As I complete one year of marriage, here's how I think I have changed:

The good:
  1. I am a friendlier person. It's true. My social butterfly husband is rubbing off on me. I hear people at work pointing to my friendliness as an example (THAT, unbelievably, is also true. I swear it's not me making stuff up).
  2. I am more at ease in my skin.
  3. I make an effort to look nice each morning. I dress better, preen more because someone else is also preening ;)
  4. My husband saying "you look especially nice today" puts a goofy grin on my face for the rest of the day.
  5. I can now look beyond the tip of my own nose (I am not explaining that one).
  6. I am NOT pimply anymore. If you've seen me through my teenage and MBA years, you know what a huge achievement that is. And, in case you are thinking of asking, I am not divulging any secrets.
Half a good thing for each month of marriage. Not so Bad!

The bad:
  1. I don't enjoy being obliged to look beyond the tip of my own nose sometimes (remember the proverb about two sides of the same coin blah blah blah???)
  2. I get super angry/cranky/moody/silent when my husband is being insensitive (it didn't seem to matter when we were dating).
  3. Special things become routine, the incidence of flowers on your doorstep/bedside decrease :(
  4. I have to put up with all the random and not-so-random relatives who come with the marriage. And no, I can't tell them to go rot. UNFORTUNATELY. 
  5.  I have to clean up my mess and HIS mess. Used to be just my mess before. Sigh!
Almost as many bad things as good... Have to work on that one for next year. :)

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