Sunday, 15 April 2007

Starting a new life

Puberty. A growth spurt, transforming the body from that of a girl to that of a woman. It pushes the physical frontiers, encouraging discovery and rediscovery. It is a time of tumult and confusion, looking for explanations, answers and realizing that there are none. The physical growth that it brings along ends with the teens. The emotional journey just begins, taking the changing physical form and metamorphosing it into something so different and so much more complex than anything one could expect. Driven by the body, the mind and heart come into their own, exploring their boundaries and choices.

I finished college, graduation. It was like a full stop. The end of a chapter as I got ready to move out of my parents’ home to discover the world on my own, in my own way. To come back at the end of a day and not have anyone asking about how my day was. Having the choice to tell or not tell, I chose the latter. Sometimes I wished I could and so I wrote to myself digging deeper into myself to find out what I really thought and felt when I was alone. But then you could also ask am I alone?

I live with more people that I ever have. 32 women in my immediate vicinity, 200 odd people if you count every one who is within a minute’s walk away. Solitude amongst the milling crowd; peace only when there is noise; such is life in a hostel.

MICA – more than just a place where I am doing my post graduate studies. The first place where I have built a home of my own. A little 7” x 10” room is my haven, the space I have created for myself this year. A space to laugh in, cry in, find peace and rest in. I came to bare white room with a few pieces of furniture. I transformed it and am being transformed by it. My first 3 weeks here were full of fun, jest, laughter and sleepless nights where my mouth and mind worked as they discovered people and places. I pushed the limits of my own freedom.

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