Friday, 27 April 2007

A toast to our Cosa Nostro

We have spent hours, days talking stuff that makes sense only to us. I doubt if anyone else would consider our conversations as conversations. It has been 4 years since we left school and not a day spent togeter can be described as boring, the conversations have kept us up all night!

Aditi, Dipti and I. Who would have thought that three people who interacted as mere batchmates in school would become such thick friends as soon as we left it. It really goes to show.

Books, food, movies, guys - we have seen each other through all of it in the past four years. We have explored the city with a vengance, eaten out and spent nights staring at the stars, talking randomly.

It has been funny, amusing, thought provoking and entertaining. The sight of Dipti smelling coffee beans, deperately trying to distinguish different perfumes at a perfume shop, Dips hogging philadelphia cheesecake at chokola, Adi talking law at 3 at night, all of us wondering whether we would ever find men who would understand all our madness!

Only Dipti can gift you a napkin in an envelope as a parting present, only the two of them can want to take mad and sometimes embarassing photographs.

Now we, the three of us, stand at a parting of ways. Dipti is off to stanford, Aditi is yet to complete her graduation (sigh! when will she finish???), and I am off to complete my second year at MICA (who knows where I will head after that?). At this parting, here's raising a huge toast to our Cosa Nostro. May it stay alive through the distance ( a huge thank you to whoever invented the net! What would we do without it!!!) and may our paths meet again and again (at every vacation ;)).

Here's also a toast to the maddest, most intelligent woman I know (who still believes that she is a dud). Dips rock stanford babes... but let the place survive till I come a visiting next year, don't get lost and keep the weirdness alive and kicking! Love ya sugarplum!

Adi don't get jealous. Will raise a toast to you the day you finally graduate after your long n ardous journey through law school!

And on that note BOTTOMS UP!

1 comment:

Aditi said...

I hate you!!! the two of u!!! u make fun of my long grad jouney n blues!! Booo!!! :(

hehe.. but nits..well written n thankfully not senti.. love the napkin pic.. wonder what dip has to say abt that...

Cheers to cosa nostra!!! :D