Friday, 18 May 2007

A chng in da lang

As life gets faster, da words grow shorter. With gr8 thks 2 sms & im, a new eng vocab emerges. Purists would be turning in their grave as they must've when victorian eng was abandoned. But purists be damned, my you's r becoming u's even as I type formal emails & reports.

So maybe an universal language shall come into being where spellings will no longer confuse the confunded, words will be written as they are spoken and much paper and consequently trees will be saved as unnecessary verbosity is done away with. English may yet cease to be the funny language where pneumonia is spelt with a 'p' for god alone knows what reason.

Then again in a spurt of nostalgic recollection, "you" does look more complete than 'u' or is that just me?

PS: Dips in response to your comment, I heartily agree. The "da" in the title is to drive home the point!


Dipti said...

Y so blue?
The font colour I mean.
Oh! my sweet blossoming artichokes,why are you getting bored!where did the spirit of adventure,zest for the unexplored quest...blah blah disappear.

U know something!!
Now, blogging seems to have become an indispensible part of me.Wonder how I did without it for so long.

About your post,that's another'bone I have to pick' with those who mutilate the language.
One of my pet peeves is when someone writes 'the' as 'd'.
Nothing short of crass-this freaky style of writing

Dipti said...

The typos!!

Nikhil said...

Such a universal language would indeed be economical - but hardly beautiful, or literary... So let's hope it doesn't happen! The day books start being written in sms lingo is the day i head for the mountains....