Tuesday, 15 May 2007

G-Talk - Taglines and more

craptastic life
available...very available
in waiting line...
in office
do geese see god?
when did reality become TV?

From the mundane to the obscure to the profound. Reading other people's g-talk taglines has become quite a hobby of mine. People put up everything from poetry to abuses. And surprisingly most if it is very honest and hence, rather illuminating. They reflect moods, desires, and everyone's own private reality in a very public domain.

I read somewhere the other day that the Internet has changed our generation, our notions of private and public. We put in the virtual world, things we would never say or show face to face. The neon stripping away veils that shroud the private in the harsh glare of sunshine. Virtuality mirroring reality far more than reality itself, opening windows, giving glimpses.

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Dipti said...

interesting thought that!
Communicating thru blogs is confusing for dimwitted ole me!
Me not knows whr to scribble what!
YIPPEEE..already on a sugar and taffy high...*at the mere thought of ze hamper*