Saturday, 19 May 2007


There's a distinct difference in writing for yourself and writing when you know that other people will read (however few, or close they might be). I see the change in myself, the things I choose to write about. And it does not exactly make me happy.

There was a time, a better part of the last year, when I chose to write truthfully about myself, my feelings and my experiences. I posted some of that on this blog in my earlier entries. But ever since I have begun to write on the blog directly (instead of in my diary), I see a distinct change in what I choose to write about - taxis, trams, food, movies, the internet. Each an impersonal observation. Yes, it reflects on me in its own way, but it is not my reflection of myself.

And so I consider going back to my diary. To being honest with myself... and giving the blog a few glimpses of that reflection. It will serve my purpose better.

In the meantime, I shall continue to write about random things that tickle my grey cells or my taste buds!

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Dipti said...

If you see my blog-it seems like a constant struggle between what I actually want to write and what what I end up writing as an effect of the public eye.(and I keep reiterating this fact a gazillion times to underline its significance)
I guess,the public eye,makes one subconsciously (at least me!) wary of expressing one's inner-most thoughts.Its like keeping the well protected core out on public display,to expose that part of you that only a few,maybe no one, has gained access to.
The feeling that your security blanket-the painted veils on your personality have suddenly shed to reveal something very personal.
Blogging -actually-is a personal conflict (for me) and I am loving it.

About those random,seemingly purposeless posts- I too was dissatisfied but I guess they shall mean something down the line;maybe capture that memory which lies hidden in it- which shall be refreshed when you read it next. Some things are better introduced through a precursor.
Each post has a purpose and a reason afterall so keep those random ramblings going.

I shall shamelssly remind you of the hamper.
Aditi and I are cooking this month-end.Whee!