Thursday, 3 May 2007

Someplace Else

Don't wonder at the title. I am not wishing I was somewhere other than where I am. That quite simply is the name of the pub at the Park Hotel here in Kolkata. I went there yesterday night with one of my room-mates to hear my pg owner's Son-In-Law play with his band. For information, it was the 10th anniversary of their playing at the Park.

At 9, one and a half an hour before the show was due to begin, there was not an empty table in sight. Regulars waiting for the Hip Pockets to begin. In the next 90 minutes, the place filled up to the extent that it was nearly impossible to even move to the music.

What was even more amazing was the eclectic mixture of people. Standing right next to the speakers in the front left corner of the pub was an old gentleman. I would guess his age to be around 60. A glass of vodka and a plate of sandwiches stood at the bar right in front of him. And boy was he grooving to the music! In fact, there seemed to be no shortage of what I would call old people in that room. And for me, on a night of classic rock music, it was rather amazing to see them groove to the music and put the so called youth to shame!

Entire families were gathered as fathers introduced their daughters to the pleasure of live rock in that little, dimly lit room. Smokers aplenty, boozers too many to count. But no one was there for the smoke or the booze. They were all there for the love of music. To see that kind of love in a pub is to be Someplace Else.


Dipti said...

ooooooooooo...I like it...delicious(psst..referring to the pics put up thrr!)
post seems nice as well but the pics are superlative!!

Dipti said...

Damn you!
It was my brainchild (that cartoon!!)
I liketh ze idea of leaving msgs on blogs...yimerrooey