Saturday, 19 May 2007

An Inititation into a New Way of Life

We arrived in MICA a year and two days ago. 94 strangers who have come to share so much in the last one year. We have become confidantes, friends, and lovers. Shared our pain and joy.

Today 120 more have arrived. They too will seek friends in the next 21 days. They will grapple with the same confusions that we have in a place that is nothing like the India outside. How can I explain to those who have never been there what MICA is and why there can never be a place like it anywhere. We've a culture of our own, something each of us have come to accept in our own way.
Today 120 more people will discover that culture and will find their own space in it.

As for me, my eyes dance with glee at the thought of my room betis and betas, the assignments I will hand out to them, my own contribution to their initiation into the MICA way of life.

Yes, one would colloquially call it ragging. But somehow, I wouldn't use that word for what happens at MICA. Maybe the more euphemistic "campus orientation" is really more appropriate. An orientation to the late nights, sudden assignments, a way to find out about your seniors, a way to find out how enterprising you really can be and a period in which you learn some of the most important skills of surviving academics at MICA (like making presentations and formatting word docs).

At the end of the day campus orientation is about fun, about getting to know each other, about doing ridiculous things that strip you of your inhibitions and prepare you for the two years ahead.

So, here's welcoming 120 new MICANS!

PS: I look forward with anticipation to daily reports from the campus... after all orientation is an organised process and not a bunch of over enthusiastic seniors hell bent on creating chaos!

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