Monday, 28 May 2007

To Do or Not To Do?

Hamlet once asked a similar question. And though mine is not as existential a question, I feel something akin to the emotion that Shakespeare must have had in mind when he wrote that famous line.

It is a rather small thing that is bothering me, a simple matter really. But then again it is not so simple. I feel like an infant who refuses to walk for fear of getting hurt or falling. And then there is my humungous ego. Howmuch ever I try not to, I can't help getting a little egotistic at times.

The confusion at times is grave enough to drive me to tearing my hair out or other such foolish nonsense. Then i take hold of myself firmly and set myself some highly idiotic deadlines. I admit they do work, albeit for a short while. And there are distractions - neither powerful enough nor attractive enough. But mulling over them serves a temporary purpose - it keeps my mind occupied. I count the days to 22nd June.


Dipti said...

Is it about what I think it is?
A subtle hint purposefully posted on your blog eh?

Aditi said...

If im rt abt what this is abt.. considering the day u posted it... i guess u chose 'TO DO'!!!:D

Unknown said...

Yes Adi it is about what you think it is though I dont think it is quite as simple... that was one freak incident you see... Monday! The confusion in my pea sized head is far greater and does not get resolved by that little incident. Anyway, we shall discuss it on bacon n prawns in greater detail if you so wish!