Wednesday, 9 May 2007


Kolkata they say is the foodie's paradise - from fish to sandesh to puchkas. Everyday I walk back from my office breathing in the overpowering smells of streetfood, frying eggs, fresh foods and more. Sweet shops punctuate the Gariahat shopping area at every yard or so. This being Kolkata, it would be unfair of me to neglect food.


After much ado and a cabbie who didn't know this famous bakery, mom and I managed to find it on our second day in the city. Having spent a baking afternoon checking out the touristy places on May Day, we decided to treat ourselves to some delicious baking as well.

Pink. That's the first thing that will strike you about Flury's. Pink lettering on a huge glass door on Park Street. Pink like a little girl's ribbon. I must also admit, the pink took my by surprise partly because of the Chokola experience. After a warm, brown place full of delights that would make anyone's taste buds dance, i hardly expected pink in a similar place. Their bags are white and pink too... bringing to mind a little girl, which is just what you become when you enter.

So opening the glass door and entering, the smells drive away any vestige of exhaustion, inducing hunger pangs in the fullest of stomachs. A huge cake in the shape of a coal iron greeted me leading me to wonder at the total quantity of chocolate in the bakery. YUMMM!!!

On we went to the counter. And for a day the sin of gluttony would have to be risked for a more immediate heaven. Tarts, cakes, cookies, shortbread, pastries and more. Two tired women decided to indulge themselves and settled down to a sumptuous high tea.

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